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HydroPeptide Solar defense shields from damaging sun rays with broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. It also provides a flawless finish with its unique ability to self-adjust to your skin tone and give you a smooth, matte-finish, tint. Apply the non-greasy sunscreen to your face before makeup and 15 minutes prior to sun exposure to safegaurd, moisturize, and clarify the skin. 


Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, physical blocking sunscreens, offer broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB damage. 
A Moisture-Binding Peptide rich in protein and derived from yeast extract reactivates epidermal lipids and allows for improved, long-lasting hydration. Significantly decreases the sebaceous secretion of oily skin, leaving a non-shiny appearance.
Oil-free formula that doesn't leave a greasy feel. Aloe, niacin and sodium hyaluronate perfectly balance hydration.
Self-adjusting sphere's perfectly blend to any skin tone without leaving a white, chalky appearance.


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