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HydroPeptide Power Lift is a cutting edge, ultra-rich moisturizer suitable for normal to dry skin types looking to decrease wrinkles and other indications of aging skin. The thirst quenching formula features pineapple ceramide and chilean boldo tree extract to brighten, lift, and fortify the skin. Use day or night on a regular basis to see a more radiant, youthful, skin tone.

5 peptides including Anti-Gravity Peptide, Lifting Peptide, Retinoic-Like Peptide, Relaxing Peptide and Preservative Peptide make this a superior "lifting" and anti-aging moisturizer and night cream.
4 categories of hydration including emollients for immediate softening and smoothness, humectants to draw in hydratoin, occlusives to lock in hydration, and ceramides to act as the glue to hold skin together offer a perfect moisture balance to the skin.
Combination of skin brighteners delivers a more even skin tone.
Powerful antioxidants such as buddleja, echinacea, green tea, vitamin C and rosemary offer


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